Why subscription plan?


Since GNotes 1.7.0 version is launched in December, it did not go as well as we had hoped. We should have announced the subscription plan to you in advance. We feel so sorry for all the inconvenience and here we want to explain reasons behind this change.

Five years ago, the idea that helping everyone keep organized with a unique note taking tool occurred to us, and we hoped that this idea could be turned into reality and come to your life. Thus GNotes was born. And it is your approval that greatly motivates us to continually make enhancements for GNotes. We put much effort into the app even with no revenue in all the years.

With more and more users in GNotes, the quantity of notes data is also vastly increasing. We have to make a compromise when facing the growing operating costs. The decision of $9.99/yr subscription was made after much consideration and discussion. We hope that the change could contribute to sustaining a solid product and guaranteeing you with the best experience all the time.

At the same time, new marvellous themes also come to you. And it's just the start. There will be more to help you enjoy note taking and boost productivity. You'll see a better GNotes in the future.

Free users can still use all basic features and you don't need to worry about the security of existing data, which will not be influenced by subscription plan. To relieve server pressure and guarantee data stability, we made some limits on cloud sync for free accounts. Besides, you can still create, view and edit notes on certain devices.

It’s your continuous support that makes us reached this far. We need your love and understanding now more than ever. We'll keep updating and improving GNotes in the future. We hope you could accompany GNotes to make more accomplishments.